The Project


The project that La Dea presents has as its primary aim to focus attention on a path of individual growth that develops starting from the practices of Reiki and then evolves, involving Tantra and different massage techniques. Its ultimate goal is to lead each participant to discover the universality of his /her Self, achieving a balance between energy, soul and body. So a wonderful journey begins, which includes stops to experience each treatment as a protagonist, also opening up the possibility of letting some methods become his/her own, deepening and studying them, always accompanied by an expert guide, thus obtaining fundamental reference points to cultivate harmony, serenity and self-esteem. Believe in our own value and raise our perception of it to a higher level makes it possible to face every daily challenge with the right serenity, confidence and determination. The universal Reiki energy is able to restore harmony, remove stress, pain, inflammatory states and there is the choice between methods aimed at purifying the body or mind, by acting on obsessive and destabilizing thoughts.

The Reiki  Sublime treatment, one of the methods created by La Dea, proposes a rebalancing of the Chakras but also acts effectively on the spine and let people experience the wonderful face and head massage. But the surprises definitely don't end here: in one reality world where stress is continuous and oppressive La Dea offers with  her REIKI TANTRA the opportunity to discover, know, learn and to manage Kundalini, a source of positivity and strength. This treatment includes two others: LE ALI DELL'ESTASI (THE ECSTASY WINGS)  and  IL TOCCO DELL'ANIMA (THE TOUCH OF THE SOUL).

The Reiki Tantra boasts great effectiveness against depression, asthenia, frigidity and impotence. Every treatment therefore turns out to be a path that can be undertaken alone or as a couple of partners, for even more educational and fulfilling growth.


Reiki is a universal energy that has the power to bring harmony and healing, it acts silently, remaining invisible, yet its effectiveness is also proven by the Italian national health system. Since I started studying in this field I have applied it, obtaining truly surprising results even for me. The methods that I was taught are certainly highly effective, they come from the original Japanese Reiki school of the founder Gakkai Usui, but I decided to dare further, because my opinion is that we can obtain even more from this infinite source of well-being . Through the experience acquired, continuous research and study, I have prepared treatment techniques of my own exclusive creation: REIKI SUBLIME and REIKI TANTRA, the latter includes two other treatments created by me: LE ALI DELL'ESTASI (THE ECSTASY WINGS) and IL TOCCO DELL'ANIMA (THE TOUCH OF SOUL).

REIKI SUBLIME is a treatment which, in addition to acting on the Chakras and organs by keeping the hands resting on the receiving person, is enriched with massage maneuvers which rebalance the spine, the pelvis and consequently the posture. Acting in unison on body, soul and energy makes the treatment absolutely unique and extremely effective, because we must remember that posture is a mirror of internal movements but the opposite is also true, when energy blocks/nodes are present we assume positions that cause pain , inflammation and other discomforts.

REIKI TANTRA is a complex treatment, which consists of different parts, also treatments. Its main objective is to discover, understand and learn to manage Kundalini, an energy almost always believed to be exclusively sexual but with a potential that is actually much more extensive and rich; it is in fact the engine of positivity, determination, inner strength, resolution and good humor.

LE ALI DELL'ESTASI (THE ECSTASY WINGS), usually part of Reiki Tantra, can also be performed alone or part of another type of massage, such as decontracting, relaxation or more. It, with calm, gentle, enveloping movements, relaxes and simultaneously stimulates the perianal area and the Sacral Chakra; in this way the Kundalini has the opportunity to relax and open, expanding until it is released.

IL TOCCO DELL'ANIMA (THE TOUCH OF THE SOUL), during which the operator/Master visualizes the Reiki energy in his/her hands and makes it rise along the lower limbs of the recipient, wrapping them in light, it runs along the back of the person treated several times, then lies down above and begins to coordinate both breaths, until they take a perfect synchrony which makes it possible for Reiki to reach the thinnest and deepest layers.